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8/2/19 Update

  1. The exterior signage continues to be installed and final electrical connections made.
  2. The landscaping work is continuing with the main focus being on trees now. Next come the grasses and sod.
  3. The monument sign masonry base at the 15th street entrance drive is being built today and the actual sign is ready to be delivered as soon as it is complete.
  4. The millwork paneling is going up at the main stair and should be complete by end of day Saturday. The signage there will go on immediately afterwards.
  5. The squad garage is the last area to be completed. It is being painted over the weekend so the ire alarm team can have the entire space next week to finalize their conduit install. After all trades are done with trim, the epoxy will be installed



created Aug 05, 2019 updated Aug 19, 2019

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