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Update on Recreational Cannabis in St. Charles

Next Steps

Two public discussions around whether to allow recreational cannabis sales in St. Charles were held at the Aug. 15 & Aug.19, 2019, Government Operations Committee Meetings.

Initial Vote Held

At the Aug. 19 meeting, Aldermen, as a Committee of the Whole, voted 6-3 to direct City staff to begin the zoning process for two recreational sales facilities, one on the east side of St. Charles and one on the west side.

Next Steps

  • The City will file a General Amendment Application to change the current zoning ordinance.
  • The Plan Commission will hold a public hearing.
  • The Planning and Development Committee of the City Council will consider the Plan Commission's recommendation(s).
  • The City Council will consider and vote on the recommendation(s) of the Planning and Development Committee.

Illinois Law Goes into Affect Jan. 1, 2020

The possession and private consumption of cannabis by people 21 or older for recreational use will be legal in Illinois beginning Jan. 1, 2020. However, municipalities may choose whether or not to allow retail cannabis stores in their communities, and if so, how many stores are allowed, and where they can be located.

Official agendas are posted on the City of St. Charles website 48 hours prior to a meeting at Minutes of previous meetings also are posted there.

updated Aug 21, 2019