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Pothole Patching

Crews from the St. Charles Public Works Department are out patching potholes and cracks on streets throughout the City from August through October.

The freeze-thaw cycles northern Illinois regularly experiences, along with salting and plowing, have a significant impact on streets. The result is cracks and potholes in the road.

Crews will use a trailer-mounted machine to fill potholes with a mixture that creates a durable and permanent patch. Immediately following patching, loose gravel will be applied where the road was repaired. The gravel patches will be flattened and are safe to drive over. Excess gravel will be swept up from the roadway 2 - 5 days after application.

Roads will remain open during the patching process, but drivers should expect some minor delays. For more information, contact the City’s Public Works at 630.377.4405 or

St. Charles Public Works crews use a trailer-mounted machine called the “Total Patcher” to fill potholes.

created Aug 20, 2019 updated Aug 29, 2019