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Haines House: Historic Landmark of the Month

October’s Landmark of the Month is the Haines House. Located at 521 W Main St., the Haines House was constructed in 1866 in the National style. Charles Haines was a prominent St. Charles resident. He served as the sixth mayor of St. Charles, from 1889-1891, as well as president of the school board until his death in 1914. Charles was also notoriously generous to local schools. He donated land and funds to construct the Charles Haines School on E. Main Street in 1899. Before it was demolished in 1956, the school was responsible for consolidating the east and west side school districts. Upon his death, Charles bestowed $100,000 to the St. Charles School District for the purchase of school materials and donated the land on which the Haines (closed 2019) and Thompson Middle Schools now sit.

The original portion of the structure is two-stories with a gable-front and wing form. The structure is brick with limestone sills and lintels. Although built in the National style, Gothic Revival elements are incorporated throughout the structure, including steeply pitched gables with open cornices and exposed rafters, a one-story entry porch supported by flattened Gothic arches, and arched sidelights on either side of the front door.

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Haines House- 521 W. Main St.

Built ca.1866

updated Oct 01, 2019