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Early Concepts for the First Street Plaza Expansion Project

Are you eager to see what will come of the grassy area at Main Street and First Street? Efforts are underway to develop this area, along with enhancements to the existing east plaza, to improve and extend the public space along the river. With a vision to create a unique gathering place that celebrates the natural beauty and heritage of St. Charles, the St. Charles Initiative has focused on this project to benefit the community. An initial design concept was developed, and offers a gathering space that includes engaging artwork, river views, and a space for various public events. Next steps include  design refinement, an engineering study, cost estimation, and City Council approval. View the initial presentation about the project here.

Led by an independent advisory committee of St. Charles community leaders and residents, the St. Charles Initiative offers a new approach to help community projects move forward by funding capital projects, programs and other improvements. The St. Charles Initiative is a partnership between the City of St. Charles and the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley and is a public-private partnership which provides funding through donations and endowments, as an alternative to tax-based financing sources. Several projects are envisioned, and you may find more information on the St. Charles Initiative website and the City of St Charles website. 

Donors may connect to projects that fit their passions, and contribute to enhancing the quality of life in St. Charles. 

updated Sep 17, 2020