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Mayor Rogina Signs Proclamation Recognizing a Dementia-Friendly Tri-Cities

At the Aug. 17 City Council Meeting, Mayor Raymond Rogina read a proclamation recognizing the Tri-Cities as Dementia Friendly communities. The mayors of Batavia & Geneva did the same. 

The Dementia Friendly Tri-Cities group was launched to create a community that is informed, safe and respectful of individuals with the disease, their families and caregivers, and to provide supportive options that foster quality of life. The group is spearheaded by Jackie Mulshine of Silverado Memory Care and Vicki Montgomery of Strohschein Law Group. 

Mayor Rogina has served as a champion of the group and has been instrumental in helping achieve the current level of support.   

The key priorities for the Dementia Friendly Tri-Cities Initiative are: 

  • Building awareness of the signs and symptoms of dementia for area families, 
  • Making training available, adaptable and easily accessible for this growing population and their caregivers, 
  • Providing practical tools and guidelines for our first responders and other critical support services, 
  • Fostering and communicating dementia friendly practices for the benefit of our entire community, and 
  • Championing and coordinating the contributions of local services, government agencies and social services to drive common messages and minimize complexity. 

“Venturing out in public can be daunting for someone with dementia, resulting in isolation at home,” Mayor Rogina said. “Building awareness of the challenges those with dementia and their caregivers face will help our community become more supportive.” 

Jim DiCiaula, president of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, said the Dementia Friendly Tri-Cities group “believes creating a dementia supportive community enriches the lives of families, service providers, schools, government and businesses. With compassion, respect, and understanding for those seniors and their families who suffer in silence and isolation, we strive to enhance the vitality of our communities.” 

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updated Sep 01, 2020