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Local Candidates in the April 6 Election

Following is the list of local candidates in the April 6 Consolidated Election. Click here to find out what Ward you are in. 

Maureen Lewis (1321 Ash Street, St. Charles)                       Mayor

Lora A. Vitek (1126 S. 6th Street, St. Charles)                         Mayor

No Candidate Filed                                                                 City Clerk

No Candidate Filed                                                                 Treasurer

Richard Balla Jr. (1505 Rita Avenue, St. Charles)                   Ward 1

Ronald Silkaitis (1608 Larson Avenue, St. Charles)                Ward 1

Arthur J. Lemke (3214 Blackhawk Trail, St. Charles)              Ward 2

Ryan S. Bongard (1018 Thoroughbred Cir., St. Charles)        Ward 2

Charles A. Amenta (126 St. Germain Place, St. Charles)        Ward 3

Paul Lencioni (3301 Greenwood Lane, St. Charles)               Ward 3

Bryan Wirball (925 S. 3rd Street, St. Charles)                         Ward 4

Laurel P. Moad (31 Cobblestone Drive, St. Charles)              Ward 4

John Hoscheit (1925 Persimmon Drive, St. Charles)              Ward 4

Richard J. Artz (515 Horizon Drive West, St. Charles)            Ward 5

Steve Weber (1136 Charleston Drive, St. Charles)                 Ward 5

Kimberly Malay (526 S. 16th Street, St. Charles)                    Ward 5

The Kane County Clerk Elections Department, at 630.232.5990, may assist with questions about precincts or standard election inquiries. Contact the State Board of Elections at 217.782.4141 with more specific questions about elections, eligibility and running for office.

updated Mar 02, 2021