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2021 Refuse Collection Rates Take Effect July 1

Stickers Purchased Before July 1 will be Honored

Beginning July 1, 2021, refuse collection fees from Lakeshore Recycling Systems will change for City of St. Charles residents. All stickers previously purchased prior to July 1 are still valid, so residents can use their current supply.

The 2021 rates for stickers and monthly container rentals are:

Stickers and Bags

  • Refuse Sticker $2.97 ea.
  • Yard Waste Sticker $2.97 ea.
  • Half-size Refuse Bag $2.28 ea.

Monthly Container Rentals        


  • Standard 65-Gallon Recycling Toter $0.00


  • 35-Gallon Refuse Toter $19.69
  • 65-Gallon Refuse Toter $20.83
  • 95-Gallon Refuse Toter $21.97

Yard Waste

  • 65-Gallon Yard Waste Toter $28.53

For general service questions, contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 630.581.8650 or For information about the collection schedule, where to buy stickers, or additional collection services, visit our website or contact the St. Charles Public Works Department at 630.377.4405.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems

updated May 21, 2021