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June Utility Bills Reflect Rate Changes for Water, Sewer and Electric

Annual rates for City of St. Charles water, sewer and electric utility customers were approved at the April 19, 2021 City Council meeting and will begin showing up on utility bills in June.

Bills Include Charges for All Three Utilities: Electric, Water & Sewer

City utility bills reflect monthly meter readings and include usage for all three utilities—electric, water and sewer. This year, there is no increase in electric rates. While rate structures will differ by usage and season, a typical residential household using 7,000 gallons of water and sewer will see an increase on their utility bill of approximately $5.44 per month with the new rates, which includes a $0.30 per month increase in the City’s EPA Mandate Compliance Fee. Proceeds from the Compliance Fee finance capital improvements related to changes in EPA regulations for wastewater treatment.

City of St. Charles electric, water and sewer costs are comparable to nearby cities. Rates are directly tied to the cost of operations and maintenance.

updated Jun 01, 2021