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City Breaks Ground on Phase I Construction of 1st Street Plaza Expansion

City Council Breaks Ground on Plaza Expansion

The City held a groundbreaking for Phase I of the 1st Street Plaza expansion on Sept. 22. An expansion of the plaza is planned for the grassy area at the southeast corner of Main & 1st streets. (Longtime residents may refer to this site as the former Manor restaurant.) Remarks were led by Mayor Lora Vitek. 

Phase I Construction is scheduled to begin October 2021 and be complete spring of 2022. Phase I includes:

  • Modification of the existing wall—a remnant of the former Manor Restaurant
  • Installation of a soldier pile concrete retaining wall to support the plaza expansion
  • Grading and drainage work
  • Landscape restoration

More about the 1st Street Plaza Expansion project is on the City website at

updated Sep 24, 2021