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Public Power Week Celebrates Local Service

Oct. 3-9, 2021

Public Power Week is October 3 - 9. Public Power Week recognizes electric utility staff for operating and maintaining reliable, efficient electric service.

Since 1892, St. Charles has operated its own electric utility. It is one of 2,000+ community electric utilities nationwide that provides not-for-profit electric service to its citizens.

What are the Benefits of Having a Local Power Utility? 

  1. We work for each and every resident and business of St. Charles, not a group of shareholders. 
  2. When you call about an issue, you are talking to someone in your community. And often the work is done by professionals who live right here in St. Charles.
  3. Our crews are dispatched out of our Public Works Facility on 7th Avenue, allowing us to quickly and efficiently respond to outages or problems. 
  4. We are non-profit—we’re not out to make money from our services. 
  5. Any improvements made to the power system directly benefit residents in our community.

For more information, contact the City’s Electric Utility at 630.377.4407. 

Public Power Week

updated Oct 01, 2021