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Don't Push Leaves into the Street

We know leaves can be annoying—rake them today and more leaves fall tomorrow—but please do not push leaves into the street. It is a violation of Ordinance 12.04.170, with a fine up to $500. Remember, during the collection process it’s highly unlikely that leaf piles will kill your grass, although they may cause it to discolor. Please have patience—it may take three to five days for leaves to be collected in your specific area. Inclement weather or a large volume of leaves could alter the leaf pickup schedule and leaf piles will not be picked up if obstructed by parked vehicles or other obstacles.

Keep a distance of approximately 10’ between leaf piles and permanent structures, e.g., fire hydrants, trees, streetlight poles, etc. and rake leaves in a row parallel to the street at least 1’ back from the curb and off the sidewalk. Avoid raking foreign materials into leaf piles as these could damage equipment or cause injury to personnel. For more information, call Public Works at 630-377-4405 or Kramer Tree Specialists at 630.293.5444 or email

updated Nov 01, 2021