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Russell Colby Appointed Director of Community Development

Russell Colby Portrait

The St. Charles City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Russell Colby as Director of Community Development at its Nov. 1, 2021, meeting. Colby had been serving as Acting Director of Community & Economic Development since Aug. 30, 2021, following the retirement of former Director Rita Tungare.

Earlier this year, the City Council chose to split Tungare’s former position into two directorships. Colby has been appointed Director of Community Development and an active search is underway for a Director of Economic Development.

Colby has overseen all Community Development functions at the City, including Planning and Zoning, Historic Preservation, Development Engineering, Building Permitting and Code Enforcement. He has been instrumental in managing many high-profile development projects, including the First Street Redevelopment, beginning in 2015. And he served as project manager of the 2013 Comprehensive Plan rewrite and 2020 Downtown Comprehensive Plan update.

“Russell has the skills and experience to lead the Community Development Department into the future, and is ideally positioned to work with the future Economic Development Director to advance the City’s development goals,” said Mayor Lora Vitek.

“Russell’s promotion to Director of Community Development is well deserved,” said City Administrator Heather McGuire. “He has worked in the department in many capacities for several years. His extensive knowledge and leadership abilities will be a definite asset to the City.”

Colby has been with the City of St. Charles full-time since August 2007. He has held many positions with the City, starting as a Planner, and most recently as Assistant Director of Community & Economic Development. He holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from University of Illinois.

updated Nov 05, 2021