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Project Updates

1st Street Plaza Expansion 

Work continues on the 1st Street Plaza expansion (the grassy area at the southeast corner of Main & 1st streets). Modifications are being made to the existing wall—a remnant of the former Manor Restaurant— and a soldier pile concrete retaining wall to support the plaza expansion will be installed. 

Plaza Construction 1        Plaza Construction 2

West Side Treatment Plant

Expansion of the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant is progressing steadily. Once complete, the plant will increase treatment capacity from 700,000 gals/day to 1.05M gals/day, all while continuing to provide waste water treatment in accordance with regulations and standards. 

West Side Treatment Plant

7th Avenue Creek

Phase 1 of the 7th Avenue Creek Master Plan has recently been completed, with final restoration and landscape planting. Be on the lookout for the native prairie grasses and flowers as they begin to sprout next spring.  

7th Ave. Creek Phase 1 Construction

updated Dec 01, 2021