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Strategic Plan Community Forum Oct. 19

Virtual or In-Person

The City of St. Charles is updating its five-year Strategic Plan which will serve as a road map, guiding decisions about the City’s future. The Strategic Plan will incorporate feedback from the community and key stakeholders, establish the City’s vision, and align City goals, priorities, and budgets over the next five years.

“It’s our residents and businesses that make St. Charles the great city that it is,” says Mayor Lora Vitek. “Your involvement in the Strategic Planning Process is invaluable. We want to make sure that this plan truly reflects our community and what you think is important. “

City Administrator Heather McGuire acknowledges the benefits of virtual meetings. “Virtual meetings make it easier for some residents to participate. People today have busy schedules. Whatever the City can do to reach as many residents as possible so they can be a part of the strategic planning process, is a plus. For this reason, both in-person and virtual options are available for the upcoming Community Forum in October.”

Here's how you can help shape the future of St. Charles:

  1. Visit the Strategic Plan Website & Take the Survey

The City has launched a Strategic Plan website where you can give us feedback about what you think the City’s priorities should be over the next five years. The site offers several ways to share your thoughts:

  • Take a brief survey where you can rank priorities.
  • Leave a comment about your vision for St. Charles.
  • Pin an idea, comment, or photo, on the interactive map.
  1. Come to the Community Forum

October 19, 2022, 5 -7 p.m.
City of St. Charles Council Chambers
2 E Main St., St. Charles

Zoom Link:

The Community Forum will be held both virtually and in-person.  It will give residents a first look at an initial draft of the Strategic Plan and offer an opportunity for their feedback.  Please note the location change for this event.  

If you're planning to come to the in-person October 19 workshop, please RSVP to or 630.762.7097. Thank you!

“We look forward to hearing what the members of our community envision for St. Charles over the next five years,” said St. Charles City Administrator Heather McGuire. “Input from residents and businesses is essential in guiding the development of priorities and goals.”

The City is working with Berry Dunn McNeil & Parker, LLC, to conduct the Strategic Plan. Input will be gathered from a variety of sources, including:

  • Interviews with key community stakeholders, elected officials, and City staff
  • Community workshops
  • Results from recent City studies
updated Sep 08, 2022