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City Council Candidates List

April 4, 2023, Consolidated Election

Following is a list of candidates who filed Nominating Petition packets in the City Administrator’s/City Clerk’s Office as of 5 p.m. Monday, December 19, 2022:

      Jessica Bridges (1929 Forest Boulevard., St. Charles)            Ward 1
      Tom Galante (701 Pheasant Trail, St. Charles)                        Ward 1
      Mark M. Foulkes (1542 Andover Avenue, St. Charles)           Ward 1
      Arthur J. Lemke (3214 Blackhawk Trail, St. Charles)              Ward 2
      Jayme Muenz (27 Southgate Course, St. Charles)                  Ward 2
      John Edward Frank (3607 Greenwood Lane, St. Charles)     Ward 3
      Laurel Moad (31 Cobblestone Drive, St. Charles)                  Ward 4
      David Pietryla (321 Oak Street, #4, St. Charles)                     Ward 4
      *Rhett W. Humke (1134 S. 7th Street, St. Charles)                Ward 5
      Ed Bessner (516 Horizon Drive West, St. Charles)                 Ward 5

*Rhett W. Humke has withdrawn his candidacy.

The Kane County Clerk Elections Department, at 630.232.5990, may assist with questions about precincts or standard election inquiries. Contact the State Board of Elections at 217.782.4141 with more specific questions about elections, eligibility, and running for office.

updated Mar 31, 2023