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First Installment of Property Taxes Due June 1

Property Tax Info

The first installment of property taxes is due June 1. The City is one of 10 taxing bodies itemized on your bill. The City's portion of your entire property tax bill is about 10 percent. This year, a resident in a $300K home will pay $790 to the City. (About 10% of the total property tax bill.) That helps pay for a full year of City Services.

Please note the City has no authority regarding taxes from any other taxing body, such as the school district, park district, etc.

To see a breakdown of your property tax bill, click here to visit the Kane County Treasurer website. Taxes related to the City are labeled "St. Charles City." 

For more information about property taxes, including the list of taxing bodies, a breakdown of how City taxes are used, and more, click here.


updated Jun 27, 2023