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Social Worker Supports Our Police & Fire Departments

When police officers or firefighters respond to a call and arrive at the scene, they often find that the situation requires additional professional assistance. Sometimes it’s clear that crisis intervention services for traumatized victims, mental illness, or other issues are desperately needed. That’s when the expertise of Sandra Rincon, the St. Charles Police Social Worker comes in.

City Outlines Diversity Hiring Targets

As an Equal Opportunity employer, the City has developed an Equal Employment Opportunity Utilization Report that includes the City’s policy statement, objectives and steps, and analysis charts. The report identifies how the City will continue good faith efforts to seek qualified candidates from a diverse background, focusing on areas of under-utilization. For more information about our applications process and to view the report, visit

Keep Car Doors Locked

Keep car doors locked and don't leave keys, key fobs, garage door openers, or other valuables inside unlocked cars. St. Charles and nearby communities have reports of thefts from vehicles as well as stolen vehicles when keys had been left inside unlocked cars. Often criminals are simply trying door handles hoping to find unlocked vehicles. It is an all too common problem that can be prevented by simply locking your car.

Water Safety in Buildings with Prolonged Vacancies

Safety measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 have left buildings empty for extended periods of time. A lack of usage increases water age and stagnation inside the building’s plumbing. This water can become unsafe to drink or use as the water ages and pipes corrode, sediment accumulates, and disinfectant levels decrease. Harmful pathogens such as Legionella can grow when disinfectant levels decrease and hot water temperatures drop. Turning on water for immediate public use after extended periods of not being used can be dangerous to public health if not properly managed.