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Project News

Update May 17, 2019

South/west side curb and gutter replacement

Next week the contractor will be replacing the south/west side curb and gutter.  Weather pending, residents are anticipated to have driveway access restored for Memorial Day weekend.

Update - 05/14/19

Anticipated construction work for the week of May 20-24

East Side Streets

  • Cedar Avenue – No work at this time. Work anticipated to start after 4th of July.
  • Fieldgate Road – Saw cutting of concrete/pavement is scheduled to begin 5/17. Utility repair work is scheduled to begin 5/20.
  • Majestic Oaks Drive – Utility repair work and saw cutting of concrete/pavement may begin.
  • State Avenue - No work at this time. Work anticipated to start after 4th of July.

West Side Streets

5/10/19 Update

1. The main staircase stingers (sides) are in and the pans have been placed.

2. The main vestibule glass wall framing is installed and ready for glass.

3. The first floor lobby drywall has started with the south wall complete.

4. The men’s locker room and workout room flooring is complete.

5. The detention benches have been formed.

5/3/19 Update

1. The first floor drywall is roughly 80% complete. The taping crew will start efforts on the first floor while the flooring contractor takes over the second floor space.

2. The ceiling grid on the second floor is complete in a major portion of the second floor with the addition of light fixtures.

3. The north face of the elevator shaft is complete.

4. The accent tile in the bathrooms is on the mens locker room walls.

IDOT is Resurfacing a Western Portion of IL Rt. 64 in St. Charles

Work Scheduled to Begin Mid-May

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is resurfacing a western portion of IL Rte. 64, from Randall Road in St. Charles to IL Rte. 47 in Campton Hills. Work is scheduled to begin mid-May. Rt. 64 will remain open to traffic throughout the project, but be alert for lane closures, construction flaggers and electronic message boards to manage traffic patterns.

For more information, visit the IDOT website at

4/26/19 Update

1. The excavator started the grading in the back of the building

2. The main staircase drywall is continuing

3. The detentions door frames have been toothed

4. The roof screen is complete

5. The squad garage is in the process of being final graded

4/19/19 Update

1. The first batch of metal panels have been installed.

2. The east stair tower stone work is complete.

3. The paint priming work at the second floor west is ongoing with the corridor and men's locker room being the first complete.

4. The brick work at the east side of the building has started.

5. The showers are installed on the second floor.

4/12/19 Update

1. The roof top units were delivered and placed. The electrician is in the process of bringing permanent power to them.

2. The patio and roof in front of the workout room are both complete, and the concrete under the patio was poured.

3. The main squad garage has been stoned.

4. Walls continue to be closed up on the second floor.

5. The exterior precast painting is complete.

4/5/19 Update

1. The interior lobby stone at the east stair tower is complete.

2. The safety 'gate' has been installed for the elevator install starting in two weeks.

3. The north window frame installation is completel.

4. The east side glazing is complete.

5. The drywall on the second floor continues.

Update - 4/5/19

Phase 1 final engineering is underway: the City has retained HR Green, Inc. to complete final engineering design and obtain construction permits.  Improvements will include restoration of the creek to a natural state, streambank stabilization, upsizing of culverts underneath Illinois, Indiana and South Avenues, removal of a portion of S. 9th Avenue and the creation of park-like setting with naturalized plantings and a walking path.