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Parking Ticket Review Form

St. Charles Police Department

This is a request for review of a parking ticket and does not mean the ticket will be voided or not processed in the event the request is denied.  This form is for the purpose of communicating circumstances to the St. Charles Police Department which the violator wishes the Department to consider in processing this Parking Violation. It shall only be completed in situations where the violator had limited or no contact with the issuing officer at the time the ticket was issued. This form must be completed in its entirety for consideration. This review process is for parking tickets only.

This request will not be considered if it is not received within seven (7) days from the date the ticket was issued.

This form is being provided to you for the purpose of communicating with the officer who issued this ticket and his or her supervisor.  It is designed for situations where you had limited or no communications with the officer who issued the ticket. 

Completion of this form does not relieve you of any fines or penalties associated with this ticket. 

The following explanations are among those which do not qualify as valid reasons for a ticket to be voided or dismissed:

  • I was only parked for a short time.
  • There was lack of legal parking spaces.
  • There was lack of convenient parking spaces.
  • Time constraints
  • Mine was the only vehicle to receive a ticket.
  • I have parked there before without receiving a ticket.
  • I own the vehicle, but someone other than me parked the vehicle.

A printable version of the Parking Ticket Review Form is also available.

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If you would still like to be heard at Administrative Adjudication proceedings, contact the St. Charles Police Department at (630)377-4435 to request a Hearing.

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