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City of St. Charles Strategic Plan

Plan Guides the City through 2020

Heritage. Community. Service. Opportunity. If you had to sum up who we are as a City, where we are headed and where we’ve been, these four words would be it. They also forge the new mission statement for the City of St. Charles as outlined in the 2015 update to its Strategic Plan. Review the Strategic Plan Summary Report.

For the next five years, all that we do as a City organization will be viewed through the lens of our city’s heritage, community, service and opportunities. Our Guiding Principles remain the same: to operate with respect, engagement, a sense of community, accountability and excellence.

In October 2014, the City began the process of updating its 2008-2014 Strategic Plan which identifies a vision for the City’s future. Working with Sikich LLP, input was gathered from nearly 200 community stakeholders, City staff and elected officials. This feedback helped shape the long- and short-term goals and priorities for the City. Information was collected from:

  1. Data from the City’s 2013 National Citizen’s Survey

  2. 18 interviews with key community stakeholders and City leaders

  3. 8 focus groups with individuals from the community, business, schools and City

  4. 2 community workshops

“We received valuable feedback and appreciate the effort of all who participated in the strategic planning process,” said City Administrator Mark Koenen. “The Strategic Plan serves as our North Star, helping us shape our community’s future and navigate to our future successes.” 

The Strategic Plan was completed in November 2015. After moving through committee, it was officially approved by the City Council at its Feb. 1 meeting. Next step: Develop an action plan to accomplish goals identified in the plan.

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