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City of St. Charles Strategic Plan

Plan Guides the City through 2020 (2022)

Heritage. Community. Service. Opportunity. If you had to sum up who we are as a City, where we are headed and where we’ve been, these four words would be it. They also forge the current mission statement for the City of St. Charles as outlined in the update to its Strategic Plan. Review the Strategic Plan Summary Report.

The Five-Year Strategic Plan was originally planned to extend through calendar year 2020.  The plan was intended to be updated during 2020, setting the direction for the City for the next several years.  In 2020 COVID-19 caused the updating of the original plan to pause recognizing there were more immediate matters to address.  Acknowledging the change in the City Administration office, recruitment and selection of the new city administrator, and citizens electing a new mayor and several council members in spring 2020, the proposed timeline for updating the Strategic Plan was revised.  The strategic plan would be updated in 2022 following the anticipated conclusion of the pandemic and solidification of the new elected officials and city administration team.  From now into 2022, all that we do as a City organization will continue to be viewed through the lens of our city’s heritage, community, service and opportunities. Our Guiding Principles remain the same: to operate with respect, engagement, a sense of community, accountability and excellence.

Background on the existing Five-Year Strategic Plan- In 2014, the City began the process of updating its 2008-2014 Strategic Plan which identifies a vision for the City’s future. Working with Sikich LLP, input was gathered from nearly 200 community stakeholders, City staff and elected officials. This feedback helped shape the long- and short-term goals and priorities for the City. Information was collected from:

  1. Data from the City’s 2013 National Citizen’s Survey
  2. 18 interviews with key community stakeholders and City leaders
  3. 8 focus groups with individuals from the community, business, schools and City
  4. 2 community workshops 

The Plan was completed in November 2015. After moving through Committee, it was officially approved by the City Council at the Feb. 1, 2016 meeting. 

Serving as our North Star, the Strategic Plan helps us proactively shape our community’s future. The strategic plan identifies 41 goals, covering areas from economic development and citywide safety programs to thinking creatively and taking risks. The goals are categorized into short- and long- term, routine and complex and focus on the following concepts:

  • Facilitating economic development
  • Committing to capital funding and investment planning that is sustainable
  • Developing a comprehensive City financial assessment that is independent of the State
  • Showing a willingness to think creatively and take some risk
  • Promoting transparency and educating citizens on the value of local government
  • Developing programs to protect neighborhoods and businesses

The strategic plan will continue to guide the City through 2022.  This plan has the sustainability to weather the pandemic and stabilize the local direction as we bridge from 2020-2022. 

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updated Apr 01, 2021