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St. Charles Sustainability Initiative - Making Sense with Dollars


Sustainability InitiativeIn March, 2010, in response to on-going fiscal challenges, the City Council expressed a need for an analysis of the city’s “core competencies.” The St. Charles Sustainability Initiative (SSI) was initiated in May, 2010 with the purpose of identifying ideas and suggestions from all city stakeholders to achieve the vision of the city’s strategic plan - a City organization that maintains an optimal service delivery framework that balances resources with needs.

As part of this process, we asked residents, business owners and employees to share their ideas; ideas that would result in cost-savings or greater efficiency. More than 130 ideas were received and many are being planned for implementation. This process has included the development of a list of recommendations derived from inclusive, feasible, and sustainable solutions, not gimmicks and short-term fixes.

On Monday, June 18th, a presentation was made to update the City Council on where the city stands in implementing the ideas that were approved. The results are remarkable and demonstrate the dedication and commitment of city staff. Of the 54 ideas originally selected for implementation, 34 ideas/suggestions have been implemented. In total, the ideas have resulted in over $3 million in cost savings or revenue generation.

Documents related to this presentation can also be located in the sidebar.

updated Mar 23, 2018