1401 Prairie Street- Mr. A's Prairie Drive-Thru

A Concept Plan has been submitted proposing addition of a drive-through facility at the liquor store located at the southwest corner of Prairie St. and S. 14th St. The Concept Plan application and site plan can be viewed on the Project Documents menu.

The Concept Plan review process enables developers to obtain informal feedback from City officials and the public before deciding whether to formally pursue a project. The conclusion of the Concept Plan review is not a decision by the City, but simply information that the developer can use to decide whether to pursue the project further. 

The Concept Plan was reviewed by the Plan Commission on November 4, 2020 followed by the Planning & Development Committee of the City Council on November 9, 2020. Materials from these meetings can be found at the following links: 

Plan Commission: https://www.stcharlesil.gov/events/public-meetings/2020/14683 

Planning & Development Committee: https://www.stcharlesil.gov/events/public-meetings/2020/13973



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