Happy 185th Anniversary St. Charles!

2019 marks the 185th Anniversary of St. Charles.  We are highlighting stories from our rich history all year long.

The Women's Vote has a History in St. Charles

The fight for women's right to vote took activists decades to accomplish. Illinois became first state east of the Mississippi where women could vote with the passage of the Illinois Suffrage Act of 1913. It allowed women to vote for presidential candidates, mayor, aldermen and most other local offices, but not for governor, state representatives or members of Congress. This is sometimes referred to as "partial suffrage." Some years later, the 19th Amendment to the U.S.

The Story of Pottawatomie Park: The State’s 1st Public Park under New Parks Act?

The history of Pottawatomie Park dates back over 180 years. The land was first purchased by Calvin Ward in 1834, and the property belonged to his family for many years until developers started to take interest during the late 1880s. They sought out the property for its natural beauty and could easily picture a resort, hotel, and park in its place. A pavilion was built on the edge of the river in 1892, but the plans for a resort never went much further.

185th Anniversary Photo Contest Winner Announced

Photo will be featured on the 2019 City of St. Charles Christmas Card

A few months ago as part of our 185th Anniversary celebration, we launched a photo contest to choose a photo to feature on the cover of the 2019 City of St. Charles Christmas card. We received 21 entries, which were reviewed by the St. Charles Arts Council. Thanks to all who submitted photos. There were so many good ones to choose from!

July 4th Celebrations Thru the Years

When you head down to Pottawatomie Park to enjoy St. Charles’ 4th of July Celebration, know that you are continuing a longstanding community tradition. We’re celebrating the City’s 185th Anniversary and wanted to share a few images form past 4th of July celebrations. What are some of your earliest memories of celebrating the holiday in St. Charles? Let us know! Photos courtesy of the St. Charles History Museum.


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