Happy 185th Anniversary St. Charles!

2019 marks the 185th Anniversary of St. Charles.  We are highlighting stories from our rich history all year long, with a special recognition in May.

Women's Clubs an Important Part of St. Charles History

It's Mother’s Day we are looking back at the St. Charles Mothers’ Club, which was one of the many Women’s clubs that were vibrant during the 20s and 30s. Founded in 1924, this active club participated in many community service projects that focused on promoting better health for children and educating mothers in childcare. This included raising money for the hospital nursery, landscaping the exterior of the Henry Rockwell Baker Memorial Community Center, and more. Ruth Ericson, Dellora Norris, and Althea Potter were some of the club’s founding members.

St. Charles' 1st & Current Mayors

The mayor of St. Charles has always had the job of ensuring that St. Charles lives up to our well-deserved motto, “The Pride of the Fox.” Continuing to admire the City’s history for its 185th Anniversary, this month we look back at our first mayor, Mayor James Lewis, and see how times have changed, as compared him to our current Mayor, Mayor Ray Rogina.


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