2019 Street Rejuvenation Program

The City will be “rejuvenating” 15 streets located across the city during the week of August 5th, 2019.  See project details below: 

Project Phase: Construction

Proposed Improvements: The rejuvenation process involves applying asphalt sealing liquid that helps keep water from penetrating the asphalt. Less water means less freeze/thaw damage, preventing future cracks and potholes. After the sealing is performed, sand will be applied to the road surfaces for traction, and the excess will be swept up within a day or two

Contractor:  Corrective Asphalt Materials

Construction Engineer:  Chris Gottlieb, P.E., Civil Engineer II
                                          Phone number 630-377-4405
                                          email cgottlieb@stcharlesil.gov

Estimated Timeline:  August 2019

Project Locations:  See attached location map for the locations of projects

Road Closures:  Short-term lane closures will be required at intermittent times 

Active Project

Public Contacts