2020 Crack Filling Program

The City will be crack filling streets located across the city between September and October of 2020. Crack filling is a cost-effective way of extending roadway life by preventing damage to the road base and allowing for proper expansion and contraction of the pavement. See project details below.

Project Phase: Construction

Proposed Improvements: The crack filling process starts with cleaning existing cracks of debris by sweeping or air blasting. The cracks will then be filled with a high temperature sealant. In some cases the sealant may be covered with a light dusting of sand. This sealant prevents water from getting below the roadway and keeps incompressible debris from filling the cracks. Once the sealant has cooled and cured, traffic will be allowed back on the sealed pavement.

Contractor: Denler Inc.

Construction Engineer: Chris Gottlieb, P.E., Civil Engineer II Phone number 630-377-4405 email cgottlieb@stcharlesil.gov

Estimated Timeline: September-October 2020 • Project Locations: See attached location map for the locations of projects.

Road Closures: Short-term lane closures will be required at intermittent times.

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