Kautz Road Sewer and Water Main Improvement Project

The City of St. Charles has launched a project to reconstruct the Kautz Road Sewer and Water main. 


The contract for this work has been awarded to Swallow Construction of West Chicago, IL. Fehr Graham, Inc. will be the on-site engineer performing construction inspections and acting as the field liaison to residents and property owners.  Any questions or concerns may be directed to City of St Charles Public Works at (630) 377-4405.


We are working with the contractor to determine the exact dates, but generally anticipate construction to occur as follows:

Mobilization, Traffic Control Setup – Week of July 19th

Water Main Construction – June 25th - September 26th

Concrete and Asphalt Removal and Replacement – August 13th - October 28th 

Landscaping & Final Restoration – October 28th - November 4th

Project Completion Date – Week of November 15th

Please visit the Public Improvements Project page on the City’s website at www.stcharlesil.gov/projects for information on the start dates and construction updates for each street. 


This project has been divided into three phases to facilitate the completion of the project in a timely manner and with as little disruption to residents and properties as possible:

Phase I: Water & Sewer Main construction includes removal of sections of the roadway, some driveway approaches, curb, and sidewalks. During this phase, the site engineer will provide notification to the impacted home or business.  Please relocate your cars to available parking areas or adjacent side streets by 7:00 AM. Access can resume when the barricades are removed from your driveway.

The City will be coordinating scheduled water shutoffs with impacted customers as part of this project. This will include a door notification of the expected shut down time and dates. The City will make every            effort to schedule all water main shutdowns; however, the contractor is replacing a deteriorating water main and unexpected water main breaks can occur, resulting in an emergency water main shutdown.  

With the new water main construction, some water service lines will need to be relocated. The site engineer will be coordinating the replacement of water service lines including any required access.

Phase II: Concrete replacement work includes framing and pouring new curb, sidewalks and concrete aprons that were damaged as part of the project. Please note if you have an existing concrete apron, curb and gutter in front of your driveway, and/or sidewalk across your driveway that is being removed and replaced you will not have driveway access for 3 days (from the date that the concrete is poured).  Please relocate your cars to available parking areas on your street or adjacent side streets by 7:00 AM.  Residents will be notified prior to loss of driveway access.  Access can resume when the barricades are removed from your driveway.

Phase III: Street reconstruction work includes patching the areas damaged as part of the project. With this project the City is not replacing the entire roadway. This work will include pavement milling, new asphalt pavement, and asphalt driveway replacements. This phase will begin as soon as the concrete in the previous phase has gained sufficient strength to support construction equipment.  It is anticipated that you will have access to your property at all times during this phase.  However, due to the limited space and the moving construction process, access to your property may be delayed at times.  Please allow ample time for relocation of your vehicle and for temporary delays that may occur.  To assure that work is performed in a timely manner, please do not park vehicles on the street, or within 30 feet of the Street on side streets during construction hours 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. 

Phase IV:  The third phase will involve parkway restoration.  All areas disturbed by construction will be restored. A recommended seed maintenance and watering schedule will be available on the project website.

Due to the scope, complexity, and nature of this work, as well as the unpredictability of weather, some delays and disruptions may occur.  There may be times when no work is occurring on your street. We ask for your understanding during these times; work is being coordinated and anticipated to be finished by the completion date.  All work is weather dependent.


Please note that all work will be performed within the City right-of-way.  If you have any type of existing features within the City right-of-way area (i.e. sprinkler system, landscape features, special decorative rocks, brick driveways, electronic “invisible” dog fence, etc.), precautions should be taken by you, the homeowner, to remove or store these items right away to assure that they are not damaged. The City will not repair or replace private appurtenances left within the City right-of-way.


Mail and Garbage service will not be interrupted during construction.  Please leave your garbage at the end of your driveway on your normally scheduled pick up day by 6 am as pick may occur earlier than normal to avoid the construction work.


The City appreciates your continued cooperation and patience during this large-scale project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Public Works. (630) 377-4405 or via email twilson@stcharlesil.gov .

Thank you for your help and understanding throughout this construction project.  We know you will be better served by these improvements and look forward to serving you in the future.

Update - 10/27/22

  • Thursday, October 27 - Broken Curb is being removed. 
  • Friday, October 28 - Curb replacement and Target entrance removal - North Target entrance will be closed October 28 to November 8 
  • Friday/Saturday, October 28 and 29 - Grading in the IL Dept.

Update - 9/29/22

During the week of October 3rd, the contractor will be finishing up all the underground water and sanitary pipe work and will begin the road restoration; the first part of this restoration will be the concrete curb and driveway approaches. 

Update - 9/9/22

On Saturday, September 9, a crew will start grading for the new curb and roadway near the railroad tracks, slowly working north. 

Sewer crews will continue to install sewer main to the north during the week of September 12.  The Sewer crew is expected to be near the intersection of Rte. 64 and Kautz Road at the end of the week. 



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