Munhall Glen

A Concept Plan for a residential subdivision called Munhall Glen has been submitted by Airhart Construction Corp. The proposed subdivision is located on a 15-acre property generally situated behind the Tyler Ridge Business Park. Access from Munhall Ave. near S. Tyler Rid. is proposed.

Munhall Glen consists of 51 single-family homes on typical lots ranging in size from approx. 6,000 - 7,000 square feet. A variety of home designs are contemplated. 

The Concept Plan Application and plans can be viewed in the Project Documents menu. 

The Concept Plan review process enables property owners or developers to obtain informal feedback from City officials and the public before spending time and money to prepare detailed plans. The conclusion of the Concept Plan review is not a decision by the City, but simply information that the property owner or developer can use to decide whether to pursue the project further.

The Concept Plan will be reviewed by the Plan Commission on June 2, 2020 followed by the Planning & Development Committee on June 8, 2020. 

The Plan Commission agenda and meeting packet, including a Staff Report, will be posted to the City's website the Friday before the meeting at this link: