Oliver Hoffman Resubdivision

Oliver Hoffman Resubdivision is a residential subdivision proposed by Joe Segobiano, on behalf of STCPR Consulting Inc. The property is located on 28.54- acres and is generally situated Northeast of Charlestowne Mall and South of Foxfield Drive. The proposed subdivision consists of 37 single-family homes and 92 townhomes. 

The Applicant has submitted a Concept Plan Application to be reviewed by the Plan Commission on September 22nd and the Planning and Development Committee on October 12th. 

Instructions for participating in each meeting will be posted to the meeting webpage the Friday before the meeting:

Plan Commission meeting:https://www.stcharlesil.gov/events/public-meetings/2020/13990

Planning and Development Committee meeting: https://www.stcharlesil.gov/events/public-meetings/2020/13972