Patricia Lane Roadway Rehabilitation Project

The City will be rehabilitating Patricia Lane during the 2019 construction season.  See project details below and please check back for project updates as we progress through construction.

Project Phase: Construction

Proposed Improvements: The City will be utilizing a minimally disruptive pavement rehabilitation method known as Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR).  The FDR process allows the contractor to reclaim some of the existing pavement material, re-using the stone base with strengthening additives prior to re-surfacing the roadway with a new asphalt surface course.  Not only is this process is more economical and environmentally friendly than completely reconstructing the street, it is also less disruptive to residents.  Additional work will include replacement of all curbs and driveway aprons and repairs to the existing sidewalks and utilities.

Contractor:  J.A. Johnson Paving

Resident Engineer:         Justin McKuzes and Josh Schmitt of H.R. Green, Inc.
                                          Justin cell 815-509-7529

Estimated Timeline:  Anticipated May  2019 – September 2019

Project Locations:  Patricia Lane from Via Veneto Drive to Division Street

Road Closures: Short-term road closures will be required at intermittent times.  No long term road closures are anticipated.

Update - 06/07/19

Next week the contractor will be removing the asphalt roadway pavement, performing base reclamation and paving the new roadway.  Roadway closures will be necessary.  Please be alert for door hangers with additional details.