Pole Replacement from City Hall Substation to N. 12th Street Substation

The St. Charles Electric Utility is committed to electric reliability.  Last year, a pole inspection program was completed and 16 poles between the Fox River and 12th Street along the old railroad tracks, and along the south end of the Timbers Subdivision, were found to be rotted and in need of replacement.

The City has Contracted with Hooper Corporation to replace the bad poles, and we expect the construction work to start on July 8.  The poles have already been delivered to the site, and mobilization of equipment has also started.

To facilitate the work, the existing easement area at the rear of the properties along Sedgewick Circle, Redden Court, and Millington Way will need to be cleared.  A surveyor has placed stakes at the rear property corners and the easement boundaries in selected locations. We would ask that residents not disturb the stakes.

We will do our best to minimize inconvenience as we complete this important electric reliability work.


Update - 6/28/19

Our tree trimming contractor has already selectively removed some of the trees between Route 31 and Sedgewick Circle.  The clearance of trees in the rear yards of the houses along Millington Way will begin in early July.  Residents on Millington who have any property (swing sets or sheds) in the easement, may be contacted to move such on a case-by-case basis.