Renaux Manor Storm Sewer Replacement Project

The City will be replacing storm sewers along front, side and rear yard easements within Renaux Manor subdivision.  During routine maintenance of the storm sewer, the City of St. Charles Public Works Department identified a buildup of hardened sediment near the joints of the concrete pipes. After several attempts to clean the pipes and remove the debris failed, it was determined that replacement of the sewer is necessary to restore the capacity of the sewer to its designed state and to ensure the reliability of the system during rain events. 

Project Phase: Construction

Proposed Improvements: The City will be replacing storm sewers along front, side and rear yard easements within Renaux Manor subdivision.  Excavation is necessary and unfortunately will impact hardscapes, landscapes and trees in those areas. Every effort will be made to preserve large trees when possible and replace the landscape.  In addition, in areas where the storm sewer is beneath electrical transformers, residents will likely experience scheduled power interruptions while the work is being performed. 

Contractor:  Cecchin Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Resident Engineer:      Anthony Bianchin, P.E., PLS of Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers
                                       Anthony cell 847-921-7255

Estimated Timeline:  May  2019 – July 2019

Project Locations:  Work will primarily take place in Renaux Manor Unit 2.  See the attached map for detailed locations.

Road Closures: Short-term road closures will be required at intermittent times.  No long term road closures are anticipated.

Update - 8/5/19

This week the contractor will be pouring concrete curbs and sidewalks, paving the asphalt binder course and adjusting structures in the roadway.  Next week the contractor will complete the asphalt surface course.  Landscape restoration will be ongoing.

Update - 7/24/19

The storm sewer replacement work is complete.  The contractor is working on clean up and site preparation in the rear yards of Matisse Drive this week for the landscape restoration which is scheduled for next week.  Tree replanting will take place in early fall when the weather is more suitable for a successful transplant.

Update - 7/12/19

Storm sewer work on Deville will conclude this week.  Additional concrete work will be completed prior to road resurfacing in the coming weeks.  Storm replacement will immediately transition to rear yards between Picasso Drive and Monet Place.  On Friday, July 12th and Monday July 15th, fence and landscape removal will take place in rear yards along Mattise Drive to prepare for the next phase of the storm sewer replacement project.

Update - 6/14/19

The contractor will be staging materials, mobilizing equipment, and starting work Deville Lane on Monday, June 17.  There will be a temporary closure of St. Germain Place at the intersection of Deville Lane early in the week while work is being performed in the area.


Update - 05/24/19

The wet May weather has been less than ideal for open trench excavation, and particularly for the replacement of a storm water conveyance system.  While awaiting favorable conditions, City staff has been working closely with our consultant engineer and contractor to address utility conflicts through routing modifications of the storm sewer.  At this point, construction is tentatively scheduled to begin June 3. 

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