River East Apartments

A Concept Plan application was submitted proposing a mixed-use building at the southeast corner of Illinois & Riverside Aves. The site is a parking lot with bank ATM and an office building (former location of the Chamber of Commerce).

The building would contain retail space and parking on the first floor and 48 upper floor residential apartments. The applicant is Conrad Hurst, on behalf of owners STC Morse, LLC and STC 216, LLC.

The Concept Plan was reviewed at the following meeting dates:

The Concept Plan review process enables developers to obtain informal feedback from City officials and the public before spending time and money to prepare detailed plans.  The conclusion of the Concept Plan review is not a decision by the City, but simply information that the developer can use to decide whether to pursue the project further.  If the developer decides to proceed and a zoning change is proposed, all owners of property within 250 feet of the site will be notified regarding the time and place for the Plan Commission’s required public hearing.

For more information, contact the Community and Economic Development Department at (630) 377-4443 or cd@stcharlesil.gov.

Active Project