Riverside Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

The Riverside Water Treatment Plant on Riverside Ave. near the Municipal Building will be undergoing maintenance and upgrades over the next two months. Residents in the affected area (shown in blue on the map) may notice an increase in the hardness of their water. This change in water hardness will remain until City can flush the water system after plant repairs are complete. Work is scheduled to begin Nov. 7 and be completed by mid-December.

The Riverside Water Treatment facility was built to remove radium from the water and has been in service since 2012. Radium is a naturally occurring element that is present in varying amounts in rocks and soil. The Treatment Facility uses HMO filtration and Ion Exchange Softening to remove the radium from City water to exceed the IEPA standards. During the project work, these filters will receive maintenance and the filters’ media will be replaced. 

While the filters are being worked on, we will be using water from our outer zone to provide water to our inner zone. Some residents may notice a an increase in hardness. The inner zone has moderately hard water and during the filter project, water hardness will increase. The increase will not be noticeable to many, especially those with water softeners or other point of use filters. However, proper adjustments may need to be made for those with the increase in hardness.

 If you have questions, please contact Public Works at 630.377.4405.

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