Rte. 31 & Roosevelt St. Trunk Sewer Main Replacement Project




The City of St. Charles is conducting a sewer and water main replacement project in your neighborhood. Currently the existing infrastructure is in poor condition and frequent breaks cause service outages for local residents. This project will replace and upsize approximately 1,550 liner feet of sanitary sewer and water main along Rte. 31 between Mosedale and Roosevelt Streets. In addition, the project is proposing to replace an additional 2,200 liner feet of sewer main along Roosevelt Street between IL Rte. 31 and Elm Street.  


The contract for this work has been awarded to Martam Construction, Inc. of Elgin, IL.   Tim Wilson, Public Works Manager – Environmental Service, will be the Project Manager for the City of St. Charles.  The City has hired Engineering Enterprises to be the on-site resident engineer to complete construction inspections for the work and to be your personal construction liaison.  Public Works will be the primary contact regarding any construction activity.  We can be reached at 630-377-4405 or by email at publicworks@stcharlesil.gov.  


Expect to see JULIE locates, with construction equipment and staging within the City's easements in middle of April. The majority of the Rte. 31 construction will be completed during the summer. The Roosevelt Street completion will be dependent on the fall weather conditions. The goal is to complete the majority of the Roosevelt Street construction by this November with some landscaping and restoration to be completed in the Spring of 2022.


Construction will start at the intersection of Rte. 31 and Mosedale Street in the early part of May. Rte. 31 will remain open to traffic for the majority of construction, but expect delays due to daily lane closures. At times driveway access will be unavailable during utility repairs, curb and driveway apron replacement.  Notification will be provided in advance of closures.


The City will be coordinating scheduled water shutoffs as part of this project with the impacted customers. This will include a door notification of the expected shut down time and date. The City will make every effort to schedule all water main shutdowns; however, the contractor is replacing a deteoriating water main.  As a result, unexpected water main breaks can occur, resulting in an emergency water main shutdown.


For more information on this project, please feel free to contact the Public Works Environmental Services Group at 630-377-4405.

Update - 10/27/21

Due to the weather forecast, please note the following schedule changes associated with the Roosevelt Street roadway improvements:

Week of 10/25/21
• Site clean up
• Restore driveway access

Week of 11/1/21
• Tuesday – Mill off existing pavement
• Wednesday – Install new asphalt binder course
• Thursday – Start structure adjustments

Week of 11/8/21
• Install new asphalt surface course.
• Start parkway restoration

Update - 10/22/21

Please note the following schedule changes associated with the installation of the new concrete curb, sidewalk, and aprons on Roosevelt Street:

• Friday 10/22 – Framing for concrete
• Saturday 10/23 – Pouring curb, sidewalks, and aprons starting at 7:00 AM
• Week of 10/25 – Finish pouring concrete and begin asphalt removal and replacement

As with all construction projects of this nature, schedules are weather dependent. We will do our best to notify you of any schedule changes due to inclement weather.

Update - 10/20/21

Please note the following schedule changes associated with the installation of the new concrete curb, sidewalk, and aprons on Roosevelt Street:

• Thursday 10/21 – Pouring concrete curb and gutter starting at 7:00 AM
• Friday 10/22 – No Work
• Saturday 10/23 – Framing for concrete
• Monday 10/25 – Pouring remaining curb and pouring sidewalks and aprons starting at 7:00 AM

Update - 10/18/21

The City of St. Charles is pleased to inform you that Roosevelt Street from Route 31 to Elm Street is being reconstructed.  This project update provides many details about this project, but should you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact the City.

Update - 10/11/21

The following is the anticipated schedule for the remaining project work:

Week of October 11th

• Existing concrete driveway apron removals (starting Wednesday). Residents will receive a knock on their door prior to their apron being removed. Temporary stone will be installed on the same day as removal (restoring access).
• Remaining new water services between Ash and Elm (Thursday)
• Curb and sidewalk removals.

Update - 9/28/21

The intersection of Roosevelt and Elm will be closed during working hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday while the Contractor installs new storm sewer. Please plan your travel route accordingly.

Moving forward, weekly construction notices will only be posted on the City’s website and will no longer be handed out door to door. Specific construction notices, such as this one, will continue to be handed out on an as needed basis. 


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