St. Charles Police Station

Design: FGM Architects, Oak Brook, Ill.                Construction Manager: Riley Construction, Lake Bluff, Ill.

About the Project

The City broke ground on the new 56,000 sq. ft. facility at 1515 W. Main Street on July 23, 2018, on the site of the former Valley Shopping Center. The new police station will replace the current facility, portions of which are nearly 100 years old. The $24.6 million project is expected to be completed by December 2019 and will support the City’s policing operations for the next 50 years. Click the Building Features link at the right for details about the project.

Once It’s Complete…

Click the 3-D Walkthrough Video at the right to take a virtual tour of the new police station and see what it will look like inside.

Construction Updates

7/12/19 Update

  1. The permanent fencing has started on the south side of the project. The temporary will remain for a short time until we have a substantial amount in place to keep a level of security.
  2. The rip rap (larger stone typically placed at various utility structures – in our case the pond inlets and outlets) has been placed at the pond and the native plugs have been holding nicely.
  3. The first and second phases of epoxy floors are complete.

7/5/19 Update

  1. The garage ADA ramp has been poured which means we can now start to move trades out of that space to prep for the epoxy.
  2. The detention fixtures are being installed and the specialty plank ceilings are in the final stages of completion.
  3. The storm shelter shrouds are installed as I mentioned above.
  4. These cover the 90 degree bends that all of the mechanical piping coming into the storm shelter makes.

6/28/19 Update

  1. The binder course of asphalt kicked off on Tuesday with the majority being completed today. However, this is only the first step in the process. The final layer and striping will be put down towards the end of the project to avoid any damage.
  2. Our final precast infill was completed this week at the west storm shelter.
  3. The second floor is officially closed for business.

6/21/19 Update

  1. The casework for the second floor and majority of first floor was delivered early this week. 
  2. The second floor lobby glass railing work has started.
  3. The exterior flatwork is ongoing with the work outside of the lobby 50% complete. 
  4. The parking lot and drive coming in from main street are in the final stages of prep for asphalt next week (weather depending). Our site team has been focusing on keeping the concrete trucks on the approved routes so as to not ruin the prep work.
  5. The pond is complete!

6/7/19 Update

  1. The squad garage is ready and waiting to be inspected on Monday and poured on Tuesday.
  2. The detention doors are installed and the block has been filled and primed for paint. We are starting to clear out the areas where epoxy flooring will be installed.
  3. The seat walls at the front of the building are complete with the specialty lights installed.
  4. The upstairs painting is almost complete and border ceiling tiles dropped with almost all of the light fixtures in.