St. Charles Police Station

Design: FGM Architects, Oak Brook, Ill.                Construction Manager: Riley Construction, Lake Bluff, Ill.

The New St. Charles Police Station

The new St. Charles Police Station at 1515 W. Main Street replaces the former police station at 211 N. Riverside Ave., portions of which date back nearly 100 years. The $24.6 million project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. This new facility will support the City’s policing operations for the next 50 years. Click the Building Features link at the right for details about the project.

Project Construction Timeline

8/30/19 Update

The Police Station is nearing completion. Here are five items that were completed this week:

  1. The Insulguard door and window are installed and finished. These are the specialty storm doors for the community restitution area storm shelter.

8/23/19 Update

  1. The furniture install is complete, and we are working on final cleaning touch ups.
  2. The remaining lockers and vault equipment have been installed.
  3. The landscaping work is complete with some minor touch up work needed at added areas on the nearby streets.

8/9/19 Update

  1. The final clean is on going and will continue until the last coast of paint goes on.
  2. The remainder of the millwork has arrived ad has been installed.
  3. The last remaining epoxy work will be in the squad garage, but all other spaces are complete.
  4. The squad garage has been painted and is currently being prepped for epoxy.
  5. Furniture install is ongoing and looks fantastic. Its exiting to see the spaces come to life with it.

8/2/19 Update

  1. The exterior signage continues to be installed and final electrical connections made.
  2. The landscaping work is continuing with the main focus being on trees now. Next come the grasses and sod.
  3. The monument sign masonry base at the 15th street entrance drive is being built today and the actual sign is ready to be delivered as soon as it is complete.
  4. The millwork paneling is going up at the main stair and should be complete by end of day Saturday. The signage there will go on immediately afterwards.
  5. The squad garage is the last area to be completed.