Stuart's Crossing Lot 4 (Vacant lot south of East side Jewel)

The City recently reviewed a Concept Plan submitted by Greco Investment Management, LLC for the vacant property near the northeast corner of E. Main St. and N. Kirk Rd., south of Jewel. The property owner is SVAP III Stuart's Crossing Vacant Lot, LLC. 

Proposed is a commercial development consisting of four restaurant/retail buildings totaling approximately 70,000 sf. 

The plans can be viewed on the Project Documents menu. 

The Concept Plan was reveiwed by the Plan Commission on September 6, 2023, followed by the Planning & Development Committee on September 11, 2023. The Concept Plan process enables developers to obtain informal feedback from City officials and the public before spending time and money to prepare detailed plans. The conclusion of the Concept Plan is not a decision by the City, but simply information that the developer can use to decide whether to pursue the project further. 


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