Zen Leaf - 3714 Illinois Ave.

Healthway Services of West Illinois, LLC, has filed an application for Special Use requesting to amend Ordinance 2020-Z-10, which approved a Special Use for a Recreational Cannabis Dispensing Organization for Zen Leaf, located at 3714 Illinois Ave. 

The existing Special Use was approved with an expiration date of November 18, 2021 (18 months from the date of approval). The applicant is requesting a 6-month extension to allow Zen Leaf to remain at the current location until May 18, 2021. 

Earlier this year, the City approved a Special Use for a new location for Zen Leaf at 3691 E. Main St. However, the State of Illinois has not yet approved Zen Leaf's relocation. The requested 6-month extension is intended to allow Zen Leaf to continue operating at the Illinois Ave. location until the State approves the relocation to E. Main St. 

Plan Commission held a public hearing and recommended approval on September 21, 2021. Planning & Development Committee recommended approval on October 11, 2021. City Council voted to approve an Ordinance granting the 6-month extension on October 18, 2021

The Special Use application can be viewed on the Projects Documents menu.

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