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IDPH Halloween COVID-19 Guidelines

The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued COVID-19 related guidance regarding Halloween trick-or-treating. Click here to read through the public health recommendations. Halloween is not a City-sponsored event, so please use your best judgement regarding whether or not to have your children go trick-or-treating door-to-door. And please follow mask, distancing, and hand sanitizing guidelines. If you do not feel comfortable handing out candy this year, simply turn off your porch lights.

 The St. Charles Police Department recommends the following Halloween safety tips:

  • Limit trick-or-treating to 3 to 7 p.m. on Oct. 31.
  • Young children should be accompanied by their parents or another responsible adult.
  • If there is a chance children will be out after dark, at least one member of each group should carry a flashlight.
  • Teach and stress to children to watch for traffic.
  • Walk only on sidewalks and cross the streets at intersections.
  • Fit costumes properly to avoid tripping hazards and ensure the child has clear vision.
  • Examine all candy before allowing children to eat it.
  • Choose light colored costumes or add reflective tape or reflectors so they are visible.

Motorists should be especially observant and watch for children who are not being alert for cars. Parents are reminded to close and lock their car and garage doors to avoid the opportunity of theft and vandalism.

updated Oct 01, 2020