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Where to Buy Waste Stickers and Bags

Stickers for yardwaste bags/refuse and half-refuse bags (20 gallon) can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Do it Best Hardware (waste stickers only), 3619 E. Main Street
  • DG Ace Hardware (waste stickers only), 2650 E. Main Street  
  • Meijer Foods (waste stickers only), 855 S. Randall Rd.
  • Ace Hardware (waste stickers only), 617 W. State St. (Geneva)  
  • Jewel Foods (waste stickers & half-refuse bags), 652 Kirk Rd.
  • Jewel Foods (waste stickers & half-refuse bags), 2073 Prairie St.
  • Jewel Foods (waste stickers only), 375 Randall Rd. (South Elgin)
  • City Hall (waste stickers & half-refuse bags), 2 E. Main Street  

Pricing information is at

updated Jul 05, 2023