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Where to Buy Waste Stickers and Bags

Stickers for yardwaste bags/refuse and half-refuse bags (20 gallon) can be purchased at the following locations:

Do it Best Hardware (waste stickers only), 3619 E. Main Street
DG Ace Hardware (waste stickers only), 2650 E. Main Street  
Meijer Foods (waste stickers only), 855 S. Randall Rd.
Ace Hardware (waste stickers only), 617 W. State St. (Geneva)  
Jewel Foods (waste stickers & half-refuse bags), 652 Kirk Rd.
Jewel Foods (waste stickers & half-refuse bags), 2073 Prairie St.
Jewel Foods (waste stickers only), 375 Randall Rd. (South Elgin)

Walgreens, 3351 W. Main Street, at the intersection of Peck Road and Main Street

City Hall (waste stickers & half-refuse bags), 2 E. Main Street  

Pricing information is at

updated Jun 15, 2022