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Utility Payments and Deposits

Utility Payments & Deposit

Payment for utility bills can be made by automatic payment, mail, or at one of the four city drop boxes, or inside the Municipal Building at the Utility Billing Office. Drop boxes can be found at the following locations:

  • Downtown St. Charles behind the Municipal Building in the parking lot, next to the USPS mailbox.
  • Downtown St. Charles in a door on the East side of the Municipal Building next to the south entrance adjacent to the checkerboard parking lot on the northwest corner of Riverside Ave. and Main Street.
  • On the west side of St. Charles, 1515 W. Main Street at the St. Charles Police Station.
  • On the east side of St. Charles by the Super Cuts in the Foxfield Commons Shopping Center.

All boxes are marked “FOR CITY BILLS ONLY.” All cash payments are to be made inside the Municipal Building in the Utility Billing Office.

Utility bills are rendered from the Utility Billing Office on the same day each month. The due date for payment is 20 days after they are mailed and is printed on the bill. If the entire balance is not paid by the due date, a 10% penalty is imposed on the amount outstanding from the prior month’s bill. If an account is not paid in full by the next billing date, a letter will be mailed requiring the entire account balance be paid by the new due date listed on both the new bill and the letter. Should the entire balance not be paid by the date marked on the letter, the meter department will deliver a disconnect notice to the service address. If the terms of the disconnect notice are not met by the date listed on the disconnect notice, that service may be disconnected any time following the date on the disconnection notice. Please contact an account representative at 630/377-4426, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. if you receive a disconnect notice and payment has been made or you have a question regarding the disconnect notice.


Utility deposits are only required of City of St. Charles utility customers if one or more of the following occurs:

  • A customer is late 4 or more times in the last 12 months.
  • A customer has 2 or more checks returned by their bank in the last 12 months.
  • A customer falsifies information on the utility application.
  • A customer’s electric service is disconnected for failing to complete an application or non-payment of a utility bill.

The amount of the deposit required will be the sum of the two highest utility bills in the last 12 months.

Customers who have utility security deposits being held by the City and who continue to pay late will have their utility accounts reviewed every 15 months. An additional payment towards their deposit may be required if the amount being held is less than the two highest bills in the last 12 months.

City of St. Charles utility deposits are automatically applied to the utility account after a good payment history is established. The City of St. Charles considers a customer to have good payment history when the following criteria are met:

  • the account balance is current,
  • only one late penalty has been assessed to a customer’s account in the last 12 months,
  • and no checks have been returned by their bank in the last 12 months.

When an account is closed, the deposit is applied to the final balance if the customer will no longer have utility service with the City of St. Charles. If the customer continues to have utility service with the City of St. Charles, the deposit is transferred to the customer’s new, or any existing, utility accounts. If the amount of the deposit applied is greater than the total balance due, including the final bill, a refund check will be issued.


updated Sep 24, 2019
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