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Seasonal Water & Sewer Tips: Spring

Spring Water & Sewer Tips

  • Help Our Watershed - The City's storm sewer collection system consists of over 163 miles of piping and 8,500 structures and inlets. Water and materials that enter the storm sewer are released directly into a local stream, river or pond. Cleaning and maintaining this system is vital to the ecological health of these waterways. Everyone can help by ensuring that only storm water runs through our storm sewer system. Never put chemicals or other materials into a storm drain.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste Collection Information

Stickered yard waste is collected from April through November 30 on your regularly scheduled refuse day.

Yard waste toters are also available for monthly rental. See the pricing page for more information.


How the Program Works

1. Mix the composting materials with regular yard waste (grass, leaves, twigs) in:

            a. Brown paper yard waste bag, with a sticker

Brush and Yard Waste Collection

Free Bagged Yard Waste

Take advantage of free bagged yard waste pick up the weeks of March 21 & 28, no sticker needed.  Bags will be collected on your regular refuse collection day.  Beginning April 4, regular collection begins and a sticker will be needed for yard waste bags. 

YARD WASTE COLLECTION:  Yard Waste collection will resume April 4-5 on your regular refuse days.  Small branches, trimmings and leaves: These items can be placed in a generic brown paper yardwaste bag and place one refuse sticker on each bag.

Weekly Leaf Collection Update

UPDATE - 12/08/21

The City's contractor, Kramer Tree Specialists, completed the third and final vacuum collection on the west side of the City.  This concludes the curbside collection portion of the City's leaf collection program.  

Residents can bag any remaining leaves and place them at the curb on their regular refuse collection day and Lakeshore Recycling Systems will collect them for free through the month of December.