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Water and Sewer

Water Emergencies

What is a Water Emergency?

A water emergency is any event that disrupts the normal supply of clean water to your home. Water emergencies can be caused by natural disasters or other emergencies that affect the water system:

Rusty Water

You may notice rusty-colored water when a water main breaks or other work has been done in the area. If so, simply turn on the cold water tap until the water runs clear.

Remember rust-colored water is safe, but it may stain laundry. If this happens, keep clothes wet and treat them with stain remover.

The City offers a stain removal product at no cost to residents at the following locations:

Hydrant Flushing Schedule

As part of the regular maintenance to the City’s water distribution system, the Public Works Water Division performs seasonal hydrant flushing.  By simply flushing hydrants to allow water to flow rapidly through them [in a controlled manner], water quality is improved and mineral build-up in the water mains is minimized. Hydrant flushing also ensures that hydrants are ready for emergency use.