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Winter Safety

Remove Cars from Streets Ahead of Snowfalls

When snow is in the forecast, please remove your parked cars from the street so the snow plows can clear the streets more effectively. After a snowfall of 2 or more inches accumulates, a snow route parking ban is put into effect along major streets that have been marked with snow route signs. A citywide parking ban applies after 3 or more inches of snow. The Police Department will begin enforcing these parking regulations approximately one hour after the designated accumulation is reached.

Look Out for Dangerous Ice

Our Fire Department reminds you to be careful near frozen bodies of water. It is often difficult to tell how thick ice truly is, especially with the fluctuating temperatures we have experienced this winter. If you see a person or pet fall through the ice, DO NOT venture onto the ice to attempt to rescue them yourself. Stay calm and call 911. St. Charles Firefighters are properly equipped and trained to perform ice rescues, and are ready to assist as necessary.

Winter Weather

winter weatherWinter weather in Kane County can bring extreme cold temperatures, snow, ice, and other hazards. 

The City of St. Charles provides safety, preparedness and seasonal services information to help you weather the winter.