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Traffic Statistics: Top 10 Accident Locations

The information listed below is related to the top ten (10) accident locations in St. Charles for 2012. Information includes the total number of crashes, how many were injury accidents, the crash type, and the time of occurrence (in military time). 

Top 10 Accident Locations in St. Charles for 2012
 LocationTotal CrashesInjury Crashes
1 800 block S. Randall Rd.213
2600 block S. Randall Road184
33800 block E. Main Street171
44000 block E. Main Street162
5500 block S. Randall Road161
61600 block E. Main Street110
7100 block W. Main Street101
81500 block E. Main Street100
9200 block W. Main Street102
102500 block E. Main Street100

The Top Ten crash locations for 2012 (both intersection and roadway locations) were consistent with recent years.   The majority of those locations were either along S. Randall Rd. or E. Main St. (Illinois Rt. 64).  East Main Street was under construction for a majority of 2012 which appears to have contributed to an increase in crashes at some “top ten” locations.  “Road construction/maintenance” was one of the leading contributory causes listed for crashes that occurred in both the 4000 block of E. Main St. as well as the 1500 block of E. Main Street.  Both of those locations were in the “heart” of the construction areas. Both locations experienced numerous lane re-configurations throughout the year.

Two of the top ten intersection locations which were new to the list this year and may have been affected by the Main Street construction project.  Those intersections were Illinois Avenue at 38th Avenue and Kirk Road at Swenson Avenue.  As part of the construction project, Powis Road was closed and the detour route for that closure included those two intersections.  Those roads also would have likely been among those used by motorists otherwise trying to avoid the construction project.

The intersection of S. 2nd Street (Rt. 31) and Illinois St. again had the most crashes of all intersections within the City this year.  There were eleven crashes in that intersection this year; two of which were injury related crashes.  Those numbers reflect only those crashes that occurred in the intersection itself and do not include those which may have occurred in the approaches to the intersection.  This is an intersection which has obstructed sight lines and no protected left turns for north and south traffic.


updated Jun 10, 2016

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