Power Outages

Power Out? Report it 24/7 to 866-444-0016

Register your numberCity of St. Charles Electric Utility customers report an electric outage 24/7 to 866-444-0016.
Please note: Call the outage hotline not the main City number or Public Works Department to report an outage. Calls cannot be transferred to the outage hotline.

Register for the Automated Outage Reporting System
Register up to two phone numbers to have access to all of the system features. To register, simply call Utility Billing at 630-377-4426. Or, if you pay online, enter an outage reporting phone number in your Paymentus profile. To set up an online payment profile, visit www.stcharlesil.gov/utility-billing.

Registered phone numbers are linked to your City utility account so an outage location automatically can be identified when you call to report an issue. It also allows customers to receive a call back to confirm power restoration.

The most common causes of power outages are storms, auto accidents and external contact with electric lines. We also experience outages related to the system of our wholesale electricity suppliers. In an attempt to minimize the duration of any outage, our system is loop-fed, and repair personnel are required to live in close proximity to the city. We always restore power as soon as possible.

If you witnessed any flash or heard a loud bang at the time of the outage, please report that as well.

updated Feb 10, 2023