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Rita Avenue and Nicholas Avenue Street Reconstruction Project

Update - 7/19/19

Next week the contractor will begin landscape restoration and install the new cured-in-place liner on the old sanitary sewer main. Landscape restoration and contract punch list items will continue into early August.

2019 Street Rehabilitation Project

Update - 7/18/19

Anticipated construction work for the week of July 22-26:

East Side Streets

Patricia Lane Roadway Rehabilitation Project

Update - 7/15/19

The Contractor will be re-seeding parkways in August to establish proper grass growth. Until that time, they will be performing periodic weed and erosion control management.

Renaux Manor Storm Sewer Replacement Project

Update - 7/12/19

Storm sewer work on Deville will conclude this week.  Additional concrete work will be completed prior to road resurfacing in the coming weeks.  Storm replacement will immediately transition to rear yards between Picasso Drive and Monet Place.  On Friday, July 12th and Monday July 15th, fence and landscape removal will take place

St. Charles Police Station

7/5/19 Update
  1. The garage ADA ramp has been poured which means we can now start to move trades out of that space to prep for the epoxy.
  2. The detention fixtures are being installed and the specialty plank ceilings are in the final stages of completion.
  3. The storm shelter shrouds are installed as I mentioned above.
  4. These cover the 90 d