Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways

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biking in St CharlesAlternative modes of transportation are important in providing vehicle trip relief, as well as recreational opportunities. Bicycling and walking are encouraged, and the City has taken steps (no pun intended) to provide the infrastructure for these alternative modes.

This plan was created with input from the Park District, Kane County Forest Preserve, Kane County Division of Transportation, the Plan Commission, elected officials and City staff. The result is a map of existing trails and future routes/trails that provide a framework for development approvals and potential public works projects. Some trails are new paths and some involve striping and signage of existing roadways to facilitate bicycle traffic.

Please contact the Engineering Office at (630) 377-4486 with questions or comments on how to make our trail system better.


Links for Area Bike Trail Information

Kane County Division of Transportation, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
St. Charles Park District
Kane County Forest Preserve District
The Illinois Prairie Path
Illinois Department of Natural Resources Bicycling Guide
DuPage County Bikeways and Trails
League of Illinois Bicyclists, Bicycle Trails in Illinois

50/50 Sidewalk Gap Construction Program

The City has adopted a somewhat new policy to facilitate new sidewalk gap construction. In February of 2003, the Government Services Committee approved a 50/50 cost-sharing program for residents who would like a sidewalk where one does not currently exist to fill a gap in a sidewalk corridor (for example a limited section of sidewalk to complete the sidewalk in a city block). Projects are limited by the budget and other conditions that prove the sidewalk will provide a true public benefit. Questions on the program or locations that might be good candidates for this program can be directed to the Engineering Office at (630) 377-4486.

updated February 11, 2016