Engineering Design & Inspection Policy Manual

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Brick Paving (108.91 KB)
Casing Pipe (67.12 KB)
Catch Basin Type C (53.27 KB)
Chimney Seal (72.5 KB)
Driveway Detail (68.75 KB)
Drop Manhole (70.92 KB)
Erosion Control (53.81 KB)
Fire Hydrant (127.1 KB)
Frame Adjustment (106.77 KB)
Inlet Type A (52.82 KB)
Manhole Cover (73.33 KB)
Overflow Weir (53.19 KB)
Pavement Details (76.24 KB)
Pavement Patch (85.82 KB)
Pipe Coupling (18.93 KB)
Pipe Underdrain (55.05 KB)
Planting Parkway (31.42 KB)
PVC Trench (145.7 KB)
RCP and DIP Trench (144.7 KB)
Sanitary Manhole (92.83 KB)
Sidewalk at Curb (28.84 KB)
Sump Discharge (48.06 KB)
Thrust Blocks (53.53 KB)
Topsoil Stockpile (54.45 KB)
Valve Vault (92.88 KB)
Water Main Crossing (114.67 KB)
Water Service (75.93 KB)