Our Mission

To provide exceptional customer service to residents, City departments, & other governmental entities through:
Providing timely information, billing and collections on utility accounts; procuring materials at the best possible cost; stocking needed items; maintaining acceptable inventory levels; monitoring financial activity; maintaining procedural controls; and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

City of St. Charles Tax Facts

Real Estate Tax Information

  • The City's Portion of Property Taxes:  Approximately 10% of the total property tax bill
    • For example, in 2015, a resident in a $300K home paid $928 for a full year of city services.  The property tax bill for a property is calculated by taking the property's Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) multiplied by the property's total property tax rate. EAV approximates 1/3 of a property's market value.
  • City Property Tax Rate: $0.927509 (Approximately 10% of the total property tax rate for a property).
  • City of St. Charles Equalized Assessed Value (EAV): $1,339,585,311
    • Value is as of December of 2015 and represents the taxable value of all of the property within the City of St. Charles.

The City of St. Charles does not require a real estate transfer tax.

Sales Tax Information

  • Sales Tax Rate 8%
    • 5% - State
    • 1% - City
    • 1% - Home Rule Sales Tax
    • .25% - County
    • .75% - RTA

Licensing Information

  • The City of St. Charles does not require:
    • Vehicle Stickers
    • General Business Licenses
    • Annual Dog and Cat Licenses*

*Visit Kane County Animal Control website for information about required fees from the county. 


Sign in to your utility account to register your phone number (or up to three phone numbers) for the City's Electric Outage Reporting System.

Report Electric Outages 24/7 to 866-444-0016

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Expenditure Approval Report

The Expenditure Approval Report displays invoices approved for payment by the City Council at each bi-weekly City Council meeting.

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